Instruction manual:

Download the zip file, unzip it. Then read the PDF “What is it about?".

Relax and listen to the three sound examples (01_ALPHA, 05_THETA, 12_DELTA) with headphones or earbuds (at low volume) and tick a few boxes in the attached PDF questionnaire. Please save the form and send it back to [email protected] - that's all.

More detailed comments and criticisms are also very welcome.

Your answers will of course remain between us.

As a small token of my gratitude, you will receive the complete 90-minute work for download as soon as everything is ready.


And that's the point:

More and more people around the world are suffering from sleep and relaxation problems.

As part of my ongoing research into the world of music at the edge of silence, I am currently working on a new piece of music dedicated to this topic: f/low.

1000 thanks for your help! - Please let me know if you have any questions!

Best regards,


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