„We care about your sound.“

Signature Audio Mastering Services by Thomas Kessler 

Not every kind of music will tolerate to be pressed into the template of the now omnipresent, commercially motivated 'Loudness War'. There are already too many productions designed to impress with an illusion of 'big' sound on iPods, car hifi etc., but will suffer from a lifeless, aggressively annoying sound on higher quality sound systems.

40+ years of listening experience: Almost his whole life Thomas Kessler spent with listening, playing, recording, and mixing music. To control every single step in the audio engineering process, he started working on PRE-MASTERING (often - not quite correct - just called ‚Mastering') in 1998. First he did that exclusively for his own productions, and later - increasingly - for fellow musicians, bands and labels. 

Quite often demands came from the disappointment on the widespread 'industry standards' and the associated loss of tonal dynamics. This led to the idea to open such kind of "Boutique Style Mastering" to a wider circle of colleagues. Quite deliberately TK focused on styles outside the mainstream which are familiar from his experience as a musician and producer: Jazz, World, Acoustic Music, Singer-Songwriter, Ambient Electronic, Lounge Music and the border areas in between. 111

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Member of VDT [Verband Deutscher Tonmeister]  

ReceptorTune (JP) / Peacelounge, Tonwert (DE) / Laika Records - Rough Trade (DE) / Fuego (DE) / Exil Musik (DE) / Electric Lounge (DE) / Big Sky Song (UK)

iM Electronic (EU) / Metalimbo Records - EFA (DE) / TAYART (DE) / Sungha Jung Music (KR) / Acoustic Music (DE) / Accelerando Musikproduktion (DE) 

/ Florecilla Records (DE)



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